Here is an archive of all our popular products that have been sold out, or are nearly sold out. These products were great hits, and although they are not coming back, they are worth remembering.


Weird Coffee Person Brain

A Weird Coffee Person knows that a cup of coffee is like a relaxing hot bath or spa for the brain. There is nothing like the comfort and cosiness the mind feels from the first to the last sip of coffee. So, we created a brain relaxing in a cup of coffee for the next Weird Coffee Person series, designed by the talented Taylor Naoko, a Vancouver-based graphic designer, and freelance illustrator. 

Six Cultivated Coffee Species botanical drawings

We collaborated with Lucy T. Smith, a botanical artist, scientific illustrator, and to create a beautiful botanical drawing collection of the six most cultivated coffee species in the world: Arabica, Eugenoides, Liberica, Racemosa, Robusta, and Syenophyla. Dr. Aaron P. Davis, Senior Research Leader of Crops and Global Change at Kew Gardens provided annotations describing the key characteristics of each species. All illustrations were created using watercolours and modelled after the specimens available at Kew Garden’s herbarium. 

One More Thing

This print is dedicated to those Weird Coffee Persons who, regardless of having every piece of coffee kit available in existence, always have more coffee gear in their online shopping carts. We know we are guilty of always running after one more coffee thing, but we don’t mind because the journey for the perfect cup is never-ending. Design by Will Richardson.


An Act of Kindness

Coffee is just one of those things that brings people together, isn't it? It's amazing how something as simple as making a cup of coffee for someone or having them make one for you can make your day. That's why we were thrilled to have created a beautiful design that celebrated that wonderful feeling. The design was crafted by Daphna Sebbane, a talented graphic designer who called Austin, Texas home. Daphna's work focused on branding, typography, and illustration and drew inspiration from the mystical and enchanting southwest, as well as the occult.



Ugly Christmas Coffee Jumper (2021)

Back by popular demand, we brought back the original Ugly Christmas Coffee Jumper design for one last spin, in a classy black, red, and white colourway. The design was created by Michael B. Myers, a freelance pixel artist and illustrator who loves pop culture, video games, and coffee. In addition to freelance work, he works full-time as a motion designer.

Journey to the Cup

The journey a coffee bean goes through from seed to cup is nothing short of jaw-dropping, but we often take for granted everything that happens to that bean before our first sip. This cool illustration is just a reminder of a few of the many steps in the unique journey that makes coffee so special. Designed by Alternative Aesthetics, known to some as Colin Kersley, this illustrator has worked for advertising, editorial, murals, products, and so much more. 

Coffee Tree Puzzle

During a lengthy lockdown period, we found ourselves wishing for a challenging, coffee-themed 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Victorinus “Terra” Bahtra, a fantastic watercolour artist based in Jakarta, teamed up with us to create a lifelike image of a coffee tree. While we won’t sugarcoat it, the puzzle is a difficult one to complete. But once you do, you’ll have assembled a gorgeous work of art. 


Rainbow Demitasse Spoon Set

We are all fans of Umeshiso's rainbow dipper spoons, right? Well, we were thrilled to announce that we had collaborated with them on a beautiful set of six rainbow demitasse spoons. Each spoon came in a custom-made white vegan leather presentation box, complete with holographic foil stencilling and a satin and velvet interior. Trust us when we said that stirring your espresso had never looked as fancy or cool as it did with these spoons.


Colours of Coffee

Have you ever considered the transformation of coffee through colour? From the moment a coffee cherry begins to grow until it ends up in your cup, your everyday brew goes through several steps and transformations. This beautiful abstract print takes you through the colourful journey that coffee undergoes. Designed by Vratislav Pecka (@posterlad), a digital designer from Prague, Czech Republic, this print showcases simplicity and vivid colours. 



Espresso Bar cup

Designed by the talented Toronto based artist Christy Lundy, this is a tribute to one of our favourite places on earth. The cup reminded us of the busy espresso bars where people meet and connect around a cup of coffee. While the saucer evokes the beautiful tiled floors of many coffee places around the world.

Printed on a Loveramics river blue Egg 150ml flat white cup and saucer, this set is a beautiful collector’s item or the perfect cup to have your daily coffee.

Coffee Bunker

There are times when you need time and space to get away from a rainy day or from daily routines; or times when you simply want to hunker down for a couple of weeks (sounds familiar?). In collaboration with Christian Arnder, a US based freelance illustrator and designer, we created a blueprint of the coffee bunker we all wish we had to find shelter and comfort in a cup of coffee.

Ugly Christmas Jumper 2020

If you thought there was no way to fly your Weird Coffee Person flag during the 2020 holiday season, think again. Designed by Michael B. Myers, a freelance pixel artist and illustrator, coffee lovers got into the seasonal spirit with the coolest and prettiest fully knitted Ugly Christmas Coffee Jumper in the world!

Weird Coffee Person - Ritual

Are you the person that goes into great detail when it comes to brewing the perfect cup? Do you aim for the perfect grind size, water quality, brewing method and water to coffee ratios for your perfectly roasted coffee from your favourite origin? You’re not alone! Designed by Matt Joyce, a freelance illustrator based in Cardiff, this design is a celebration for those that live that ritual and revere coffee every day.


Weird Coffee Person - Walking Cup

Our love for coffee and all things coffee has gotten us being called Weird Coffee Persons - and to be honest, we like it and carry this moniker with pride! Just like this care-free walking cup designed by the amazing Aga Giecko, Polish illustrator based in South East London.


French Press Brewing Guide

Amazing coffee is possible with a French Press. Based on James Hoffmann's Ultimate French Press Technique video, this airline card-like guide designed by Chicago illustrator and printmaker Ashley Elander Strandquist, showed how to land the most delicious, sludge and silt free coffee with this brewer.


V60 Brewing Guide

One of our favourite brewing methods is the V60. Making a good cup coffee with it is a beautiful thing when done right. Ross Becker, freelance illustrator based in the South West of England, designed this beautiful print worth to hang on any kitchen wall or cafe, but also guided you step by step for a perfect brew.


Coffee Playing Cards

The project that started it all. We were always thinking and wishing about cool coffee related stuff or some version of other products with a coffee twist to them.

Enter the Coffee Playing Cards. Inspired by the beautiful cardestry and magician decks, we wanted to have our own collectable coffee themed cards. We teamed with designers Jose Berrio and Julian Ardila to produce a beautiful deck of cards to capture the spirit and detail of coffee farmers, roasters and barista in the face cards, and a stunning coffee tree pattern for the back cards and tuck boxes.

While the individual prints have sold out, you can still grab a deck or two.

Colours of Coffee espresso cup

The journey of a coffee bean from seed to cup is nothing but incredible, especially when it comes to its shift in colours. Designed by the talented L.A based artist Maggie Chiang, this Loveramics Egg 80ml espresso cup represented the colourful journey of a coffee bean from flowering up until the brew in your cup in a beautifully designed pattern, while the saucer served as a key that guided the colour changes through each stage.


Coffee Brewers Print

Since coffee was discovered as a beverage, there have been countless of ways people have brewed it throughout history. To collect in one single piece our favourite infusion and percolation coffee brewers throughout time, Sebastian Perez, Argentinian artist based in Patagonia, illustrated this beautiful woodcut-style print.

Coffee Puns

Everybody loves a good pun, but not as much as a good coffee pun. So much that we had to put two of our favourites on a t-shirt.